Benjamin os

Benjamin, an unknown character at first, is later discovered to be Cat's father. He prefers to be called Benjamin as he feels it forms a closer bond between he and Cat, saying anyone can be a father, but he will be her Benjamin. Benjamin always loved her and showered her with gifts, her favorite being the scarf. The main reason the game begins is because Cat needs to get her scarf back from the "little Cat" , thus Benjamin is undoubtedly one of the most important characters.

Appearance Edit

Benjamin is a tall pale man in a black suit with long coat-tails. He wears a Korean Hahoetal mask (possibly covering scars?) that is dark orange/brown in colour. The mask depicts a smiling, wrinkled face. Behind it, you can see his pale, off-white skin.

Personality Edit

Benjamin cannot talk. When he tries, all that comes out is a plethora of exclamation points. However, he can telepathically communicate with Cat. He is said to have been a very loving and caring father. But now he seems slightly distant.