Saveboy os

The Boy is a important character because the player can "have a photo taken" by him to save their progress.


He is a boy with long, spiky dark green hair wearing a seemingly oversized medical gown that falls down to his ankles. His eyes were burned, so they are covered by bandages. He is always seen holding his camera.


He seems to be a little shy and hesitant to speak as his dialogues portrayed him to stutter a lot.

He cannot see because his eyes were burned, so his dog serves him as a guide. He takes pictures with his camera because he believes that when his vision is restored by Dr. Faust he will be able to see all the places he visited.

The photos he took were always blurry because he moved back and forth. Cat told him to hold still while taking a photo so the pictures would not get blurry.


  • His name is most likely "Milton".
    • In the room of coffins, the coffin across from Sebastian's has the name Milton on it, which is the only name not associated with the family laid to rest there.